BLIND EYE “Blind Eye” (Viral Age Records)

Absolutely raging punk rock hardcore by way of Nottingham, UK. This is the debut from Blind Eye and sets a pretty high bar for their future releases. Across 7 tracks we’re dealt a healthy dose of memorable riffs, bombastic drumming and delightfully snotty vocals. But like many other current punk/hardcore demos this isn’t just a blur and over, Blind Eye takes the time to slow down to an occasional Rollins Band kind of crawl at moments before picking it back up to bash your skull in.

With song titles like “I Hate DIY” and “Fuck You Roy” I can only assume they’re leaning towards the negative column which is fine with me, sadly this tape does not include lyrics so I’m left using my imagination some of the time. The final track aptly titled “End” brings back more of the slow groove ala late era Black Flag and gets you bobbing your head before, you guessed it, right back to the ripping riffs and pissed off vocals to get your head banging proper before the entire thing falls into a self-destructive jam with some psychedelic flair. Very nice.

Blind Eye delivers the perfect soundtrack to these tragic end times we’re living. First pressing is limited to a scant 50 copies and may be sold out at time of publishing, but certainly worth your digital dollars to pick this up via bandcamp if you can’t get your hands on a copy. I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from this four-piece wrecking crew assuming they make it out the other end.

--Righteous James