CARBUS “Carbus Goes to the Zoo” C45 (Carbus Tapes)

No, I don’t think Carbus went to the zoo. I think the zoo went to Carbus. Hear me out.

Donald Warner Shaw III and Neil Cloaca Young (hm…) make a racket with mics and feedback, effects and objects, grit and gristle, and also some gumption. Their noise tape on their very own noise label (cat# 001!) is filled to bursting with exotic intonations, wild and adventurous sonics, and other bizarre cacophony. It’s almost like “Carbus Goes to the Zoo” is a document of sorts of an actual trip to the zoo.

But since it’s not, here’s where the zoo comes to Carbus. The sounds generated by the actions of Shaw and Young replicate many of the different types of sounds you would expect animals to make. Here’s a tiger purring low as it rests in the sunshine. There’s a macaw hollering into the afternoon. Here’s a hippopotamus rumbling toward the water and splashing in. There’s a gibbon hooting in frustration with a coconut. Here’s a swarm of bees surrounding a hive in the giraffe enclosure. There’s the zookeeper rumbling a vehicle past the elephants to replenish their food trough.

See? The zoo came to Carbus. You just have to imagine it.