“Clehft" C36
(Pidgeon Records)

Shrill, bawdy, & hypnotic, Figured (McColm/Rowden) deliver captivating braid after braid of feedback and bowed drone, paying homage to both Niblock and Pelt, drawing the raga’s waxy-resin’d entrails out into the ether, pulling its very essence taught, and mercilessly sawing away at it- and by the end of the cut, we, the listener, find we’ve been receiving these reverberations from the space-side end, and it’s gonna be hard to find our way back to solid ground.

Truly entrancing (and unapologetically grating), “Clehft" ain’t most people’s cup o’ tea, but for the feedback worshipper and harsh-noise-drone lover, this is gonna scratch some serious itches until ya bleed. Great for nervous naps, deep listening, or straight up infuriating anyone within earshot. Play at max responsible volume for best results!


—Jacob An Kittenplan