“Under the City Moss" C34

Ima Do are an angular post-rock outfit from Atlanta, GA, with smooth, jazzy (as in, not “smooth-jazz” ) horn-age that flirts with lead melody just as much as their fretless bass; this is cold-brew coffeehouse stimulation at its finest, folx; “Under the City Moss” is how you force people to study faster, happier, and more goddamn Peppy… and the otherwise disparate pairing of a jazzy groove-machine (such as ID) with a solo electronic artist (JD) that (at least, on this release) specializes in melding Steve Reichian principles established in “Come Out” and “Drumming”…well, it all makes sense within 2 minutes of side B, I’d wager. 

The tonality syncs up, as does the tempo, but the flow, juxtaposed, is what makes this pairing pretty stellar, and worth letting the tape roll over a few times before swapping it out. 

—Jacob An Kittenplan