THE SUMMER DRESSES “S/T” (Log Cabin Recordings)

To those of the noise persuasion:

You’re all-NO TALK-NO ACTION-ALL REACTION. You want a mystery, with hurtful ringing in your ears. There’s that confused feeling, waking up from a dream, and barely remembering a thread or a setting, and a desire to build a fake, maybe cool-sounding dream in it’s place. Is it worth telling your mates?

Thee Summer Dresses, aka Trevor Pennsylvania and Jim Schmidt, are admittedly digging into some severe process here. Instrument experiments and shared guitar knowledge are sliced and diced and spliced. Guitars are connected with cables into amplifiers. Then, guitars make sounds when the persons turn the power on. There’s a plan here. You don’t know the plan. You are on board or you are jumping into a gasoline surface-swirling bay. But guess what? You may not be on board, but you’re still hearing it. You’re gonna get along just fine. Shine a light.


--Adam Padavano