VANTAGE PLANET SHITHEAD “An Interplanetary Collaboration” C80 (Hair on My Food Tapes)

Florida fuckernauts Vantage Planets and Planet Shithead combine idiotic forces to form Vantage Planet Shithead, “An Interplanetary Collaboration” that basically constitutes ingesting radio frequencies from dying stars (or the sounds of matter turning to plasma) and blasting them out of their collective asses as seismic diarrhea. The tape is a C80 (!) of constant intestinal churn manifesting itself as distortion and static and feedback, all captured and mutilated further by the two aforementioned Florida fuckernauts. Launching this butt rocket to shit planet, the two can’t even be bothered to secure the airlocks. As soon as this thing leaves the confines of the Space Coast and busts through the atmosphere, everybody and everything implodes. As they say, in space, no one can hear you scream. But in space you can hear molten metal and inside-out people merging in an unholy atomic nightmare.

Also, no one is there to clean up the mess.

--Buzz Aldrin