“Pastoral Death” C34
(Foreign Object Damage)

So, it’s just that moment after you’ve finished washing a previously very oily and always very large metal kitchen vessel that has obviously been cosmically built for this very occasion…a victorious obligation-completion clang, metal on metal, and oh, a wildly reverberating source it has now become!

You think, “Hey, man! This reminds me; I really need to listen to that Austin, TX 'No Deads' ensemble, liek, rill bad!" Cz, you've seen that in your inner-mind’s ear that they're a trio specializing in allowing unpinnable long-form tone-age to blend with exactly this kind of percussive escape-scrapes in a way that confounds one’s desires to differentiate between…well…drones & trebly texture-v-ambiance/focii. (this is hard to explain)

No Deads gots the chemistry out the wazoo and they can keep their deep-listeners’ attentions on the edge at all times, hovering over the precipice of Understanding, but never fully letting them fall. “Pastoral Death” has to be my favorite of their releases to date; if you like organic-v-amplification-themed noise-improv, it’s almost assured you’re gonna fucking love this.


—Jacob An Kittenplan