“Fable Table Cloth” C26
“Laire Wesh” C48

By the end of the 202nd decade BCE*, weirder-than-thou prog-noise-rock champions Larry Wish served up two distinctly off-kilter albums, and they each work in tandem with one another to prove that the discipline of the tonally strange has it’s sub-genres -and their mastery- just like any other. 

On “Fable Table Cloth”, you can detect notes of King Crimson amidst the borderline of loosey-goosey-jam/improv and irreverent synth-pop. Far as I’ve heard, this is the most rawkin’ LW has gotten, and it’s almost anthem like, were it not…just…so…bizarre. These folx make Brainiac sound like New Order, I’m tellin’ ya!

On deck B was “Laire Wesh”, a decidedly familiar alter-ego, but more subdued, more quaaluded (yeah, it WAS possible, after all) and perhaps a li’l less rude that FTC. Less in-yo-face, but equally as noggin’ scratcherly/eyebrow-crinklin’. 

If you like the predictability of pop-structure, but that’s as far as you care to go with “the rules of song-writing”, Larry Wish (& His Guise) will keep you on your tonal toes the whole time while slippin’ in some catchy synth-work behind your ears, for sure.


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*that’s end of 2019, folx