KRIS AND TAVI "Lines In Dirt" C31 (Skrot Up)

Lines In Dirt is a dreary cassette, but one that can bring you into a better headspace. Like other dream pop and shoegaze-adjacent artists (Deerhunter, MBV, etc.), Peter Kris and Tara Tavi specialize in hazy, almost half-hearted rock music. They do a good job balancing between the ambient guitar feedback and the melodic singing and looping. Both of them feature on vocals, swapping for different tracks, which is a nice change from many similar bands that have just one vocalist, or two simultaneously. One especially good track is Tavi's "Angeles Forest," which has a Lost Under Heaven-esque life-affirming aura throughout. Check this out if you are looking for something to calm you down and give you the recharge you need to get through the next few days.

--Kirk Bowman