EDWARD KA-SPEL "This Saturated Land" (Tolmie Terrapin Press)

Somehow after 35 odd years of pumping out the weirdness, the most legendary pink dot of them all still manages release after release of interesting work. This time, The Prophet Qa'Spell has whipped up a micro-concept album that deals a bit with seasonal affective disorder or perhaps the general longing for a change of scenery. This Saturated Land was composed and recorded over "5 days in the rainiest July I can remember". 
A Rainy Day in July kicks everything off with a tone that seems optimistic enough, environmental sounds mingling and dancing with a charming little chord organ. But everything takes a turn quickly as Ka-Spel steers his Beautiful Pea Green Boat straight down the dark ambient whirlpool. The mood begins to embody a bit more despair, long drones with squeaks and creaks. The sounds of voices far off in the distance. There is a loneliness that lives in the center of this piece. Eventually a little glimmer of sunlight starts to show on the horizon and the rain comes to an end. Always October wraps it all up with upbeat layers of synth tones, signaling the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.


-- Paul Grant