SIDS "M Ladies" C62 (Bacteria Field)

6 tracks. Repeats itself on second side.

Murky is good. Adjust your ears to the Rorschach test & hear the alien sounds that your brain wants to hear.

This is minimal death-industrial noise meets total fucking lo-fi occult murk-vibe horror nightmare jams.

This is my fave thing I've received for review thus far. Lisa Frank folder gems for that murky static-fog stroll with your favorite missus or hunk.

Recommended if you like: buzzing, muffled VHS/cassette deck nightmares, textural fuzz, old mad scientist machinery going haywire played through an old short wave radio, cave slime, chants & gurgling, AM radio static on the fritz, TRS-80 computer feedback, bleak sounds.

Rad shet. Everything about this is muffled and mysterious in the right way. Feels like you are in the ocean and almost dead.

limited to 25. Die with the most toys and win.

- - Garrison Heck