Keith Fullerton Whitman & Eli Keszler
"Split LP" (NNA Tapes)

This is a review of an LP (and one that came out a little while ago), but I figured it would be cool to post it. Let it be known that NNA has some great new releases (Guerilla Toss & Sediment Club cassettes and a forthcoming Chris Weisman LP) --editor

Keith Fullerton Whitman's single-track side of this release, "Occlusion," a fluttering bit-dense speed through of some haunted future techno-city --tiny ghostly machine-creatures peering and chittering up at you through twisted wreckage (or cryptic mechanisms) as you pass. An introspective, groove-less sound-assemblage but with many elusively irresistable rhythmic qualities, a hallmark of great abstract composition. Yip Yip Yip!

Eli Keszler's side, take a similar approach to a wholly different place, employs a loose but impeccably tactful touch with an array of acoustic instrumentation, bringing you, the listener, on an journey through landscapes that bespeak wonder, holiness, danger. Eli's dense and skillful percussion may bring to mind other New England drum dudes, fine! Here is not just a worthy application of that aesthetic, but one that gracefully uses it to weave a hypnotic and compelling vision. The simplicity of Eli's approach, clearly conveyed via the titles of his tracks, ("Cymbal, Bass Drum, Clarinet" for instance) only makes the depth of these visions more impressive and compelling.

-- Devin Brown