HATCHERS “Hatchers”
(Send Help Records / Heat Retention Records)

Hatchers are a highly experimental electronic pair by the names of Michael Barker and Brian Osborne They use a variety of instruments; including cool sounding homemade ones as well as a modified drum set. They are able to get all sorts of interesting sounds out of their instruments and deploy an assortment of electronic effects to boot in order to carry out their noise making. There are also moaning sounds turn to fully distorted vocals, although they are not very prevalent. When you put all that stuff together the final product is type of raw noise that a listener cannot feel comfortable with. I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. However I don’t think they care for compliments if they are even a fraction as abrasive as their music is. It is harsh, it is chaotic, and it rarely lets up for the duration of side a. The rumbling distortions die down only briefly enough for quick breathers before returning with increased ferocity. Side b starts slightly slower but eventually progresses to reach the same intensity as side a.

--Roy Blumenfeld