WINTER RUBY “Open Grave” (Moon Mist)

Elliot Smith high in the garage type shit.  Lo-fi psych rock, minimal, mostly uninteresting.  Winter Ruby is a good name.  Riffs, drones, pretty singing and lite percussion, fresh, meandering, recorded live or sub-live.  There isn’t too much to this tape.  The cover is kind of cool and it’s dubbed over an old copy of the Nutcracker, there’s two words on the front, there’s two other words on the spine, and there’s yet two other words on the back cover, and there’s no way to know what each pair of words refers to. No other credits are given, and I get that vibe that I sometimes get with these things, that someone is just churning out a doodad to stack up next to the other doodads that look like it.  Probably some cool teens made it, good, nicely done.

-- Kevin Oliver