“Ten Wounds Wiser” (Ephem-Aural)

If you’re not familiar with Psychedelic Accordioncore, as the ‘intsb’ describe themsleves, this can easily be remedied. Over the course of 50 minutes, the International Surrealist Bulletin, brainchild of Ben Dumbauld, flesh out a treatise in multi-instrumental, multi-cultural music history and music-present. Slightly obscured samples of spoken word, maybe poetry recitations, are embedded into several tracks. It becomes apparent by the third track, “Replicant” that there is a proficient vibraphone player in the band, in addition to an accordionist (unless it is the same person).

“Fetish Consumption” merges a 1930s smoky jazz café with 1990s NYC psyche-rock, while “Stars and Angels” has a distinct dub direction. “Quince Brigada” answers the question: “What does a gypsy band playing Dick Dale sound like?”

This densely packed record was mastered in 2013 by Andy Ortmann, who also DJs at WFMU.

If you find any of what I describe interesting, be sure to visit their bandcamp page, which also features 2014’s ”Thieves and Shadows”(not on cassette…yet?). Give them both a listen, as this year’s record has covers of Erik Satie and Ornette Coleman! While you’re at it, be sure to see the video for Plague Engine, especially if you dig ice-skating.

--Adam Padavano