ILL COUPLES "Peer Pressure Meditation"

How do you review noise? It's a question that I hope to God that I am not the first one to have asked. How do you review sounds, collages, and instrumentation that can't be described? Music is a feeling, maybe a time or place, of the past. Ill Couples fall intentionally or not in the unending landscape of what I like to call piecing together music. This is sit at your desk and listen while paying the bills stuff. How do you spend your free time? Thinking, maybe. I dig the song titles - each name (Behind Class, True Emotion, Fool Proof Now) is probably nostalgic or prophetic. If it didn't happen, it will.

Recorded in New Orleans in 2014 by J Rousselle using a variety of uncommon? is that the word? or exotic (this is on Rather Exotic Records) gear. Dystopian, happy, existing in a physical medium. A great tale of ordering Po Boys. Ill Couples, they glitch, they creep you out, they freak out. It's just one dude maybe, hopefully she is a high school english teacher, sort of doing this at night. After Wheel of Fortune. She doesn't need jeopardy, her father was a Kingmaker! A Kingmaker! She spends her wages and withdraws from her 401K to buy "Elka Rhapsody" on Craigslist. Techno music that's better to putting you to sleep than a Hard Cider. Angry Orchard. Actually, on some stretches of Side B, it's more mechanical. Exercise music - that's anything right there. Founding member of garage rock teenbeat girl group delves into soothing sonic landscapes. No no, there's no garage here influence or anything. It's safe and not asking for much more. But real freaky like maybe to colleagues and peers. I'm going to this as my first choice for ambiance. If you say that with a southern drawl, it sounds kind of pretty British. Bit like Odd Couples, Ill Couples, Healthy couples going to the dentist together after brunch.

Gangbang Gordon