FURNITURE HUSCHLE – “Bootleg” / CHARLIE MCALISTER – “Provide For the Baby of Lullibies” / Cash Nexus – “The Long Fade” – (Spew Geyser)

NEW SPEW GEYSER HAUL! Back the truck up, and get ready to load and drive. Spew Geyser is back at it.

Straight out of the swamps of South Carolina the never failing Spew Geyser records team (formally : Freakshow (late 80s/early 90s) * Flannel Banjo (1990s-2000s) * Tar Owl (2000-2006ish) *Meggapekka (2012-2012)) is at it again. Huncho C.Mcalister has been providing the knowing with some really amazing cassette releases over the years, and I for one am glad it continues onward.

CHARLIE MCALISTER – “Provide For the Baby or Lullibies” is a lost album of  lost songs all recorded around the turn of the century. For anyone who follows Mcalisters output, its always enjoyable to navigate the fractured timeline of his recording history. I myself have been following Charlies output since the early 1990s…the manner of recording and the instruments used continually revolve after the course of a few tapes. One part : examination of “new” material to use, one part: cause the shit got lost or destroyed – I am sure. These songs definitely fall around the “Turn of the Century Photograph of” (Unread cassette release) as you can hear familiar song structure, and instrumentation,  in particular the heavy use of violin and wine glasses (?)  - the sorta lead banjo plucking…etc. its hard to convey.

Some of these songs can be found on the Mcalister “living” boxset (Doormat tx) dubbed “Charlies Blood” or something of that nature I guess…a boxset that is continually changing and growing as time proceeds onward. Regardless of all this, screw examinations, this thing is a pretty essential collection of song. Fractured a bit as a whole – but some really great songs none-the-less. See : “have a manwhich”  “Divorce Court” and the (half) title track “Provide for the Baby”

CASH NEXUS – “The Long Fade” is a strumming burner, ripping apart the guts of indie rock and reassembling them into something a bit more bizarre, though still digestible with only taking one antacid. Cash Nexus is one part of the stumbling / grand / long running nut-rock outfit WCKR SPGT, and you can see where this round peg fits into the square whole of it all. A constant run of saturated guitar buzz and samples of speech hide behind these songs, creeping up here and there, making it into one long opera, akin to channel surfing the radio dial. Sometimes clutter. Sometimes a fluid hit. Always confusing and worth repeat listens.

FURNITURE HUSCHLE – “Bootleg” is what its called? I am not exactly sure. It is a collection. It is culled from a huge spectrum of releases. There are no titles. There is no information. It must be a bootleg! A bootleg deemed acceptable from the source? Furniture Huschle is another limb of WCKR SPGT. The rotting cells of the brain maybe…being a long time fan, I am surprised some of these songs I have not heard. It’s a nice collection of oddity and stumble, and honestly…perfect Furniture hits. Audio art and slam poetry meet nice with cheap electronics and stumble into the depths of the sub-underground. A place that is a safe-haven for this sorta thing, cause the world will never understand how brilliant it is.
Don’t get me wrong. I understand why Furniture Huschle cant be played on mainstream radio, but I dream of a world where it is, and where these sorta tapes are found in boxes on street corners for everyone to find and enjoy. Hell, that last part might be true. Keep your eyes peeled in trash bins near you for Spew Geyser tapes. Exhault! Do not punish them God, for they know not what they do.

Spew Geyser releases can be found by sending S.A.S.E. here :
Spew Geyser / POST OFFICE BOX #51 / McCLELLANVILLE, SC 29458

-c. fischer