RYAN EMMETT "Portrait of a Dog"
(Orange Milk Records)

Blurry slo-mo sound sculptures with a jazzy bent and just enough digital manipulation to let you know this was recorded two years ago (and not plucked from a DJ Spooky illbient mixtape in 1996). Side A sounds like an ambient electronic remake of Bitches Brew, whereas Side B brings in some thudding electronic riddims that gives the drone some more bones to hang off of. There's not a whole lot of development within individual tracks, but the sonic space changes radically from song to song, going from electric piano chords and analog farts to grinding harsh noise and scat singing.  The physical presentation of this tape is really nice and speaks to a background in visual art (all Orange Milk tapes are designed by label honcho Keith Rankin, who makes music as Giant Claw- editor), with bold colors custom lettering, and the tape itself is an intense peptobismol pink that I won't soon be able to erase from my brain. Unfortunately, physical copies seem to be sold out everywhere I looked, so you'll probably have to either settle for mp3s or trying to get one used.


-- Will Griscom