SHEER MAG “CS” (Wilsuns RC)

Sheer Mag are a pop band from Philadelphia, though calling them that isnt enough justice that I am giving them. Theyre not just a pop band. Theyre a spectacular and creative band.
I was first introduced to this when the main member of Cyberbully Mom Club (another special act from Philadelphia) posted the link of the record and I was lucky enough to find it on my Tumblr feed. The members of Sheer Mag first displayed it on bandcamp for the price of $100,000 from what I can remember, that was the case before the actual release date - wonder if anyone actually payed that much If I owned that kind of money I wouldve spent every cent on this. This is one of those releases where you cant wait to get your hands on and loading the bandcamp page every time you want to listen to it just isnt enough.
The first song, What You Want, which I consider a single since everybody could be easily attached to this track, fully grips you with terrific, crunchy and twangy guitar riffs like the rest of the tracks. It is a release filled with memorable guitar work with rather minimal and crisp drumming. Additionally with extraordinary guitar solos in every song, it give it a more rock n roll essence to it. Sheer Mag is fronted by a female singer that holds several vocal dynamics, but are mostly shouted lyrics in the most alluring way possible.
Originally released as a 7, this is going to be available as a cassette release very soon, so look out to getting it and support this upcoming band!



-- Jesus Perez