legendary trio of Jeff Hartford (noise nomads), Jeremy Harris (lazy magnet) and AT are back on the loose hitting hard the circuit of the northeast corridor! they're already on tour so catch em at one of these dates??

sat 5 @ Deep Thoughts in JP w/ Beyond, Edith, Dark Rodeo

sun 6 @ I'm Floored (western Mass) w/ ROGUE TROOPER,


Mon 7 Baltimore @ myspace

Tue 8 Chapel Hill @ cats cradle back room w/ Doom Asylum

Wed 9 Richmond @ 25 watt w/ Stone Garden Jam Temple, Flesh Control, R-complex, LrkR

Thu 10 NYC @ Trans Pecos w/ Deterge, Gnawed, Penchant, Motiv-A, Velvet Curtain

Fri 11 Philly @ The Vat w/ Alien Dregs, Newton, DLMG

Sat 12 in Providence @ the Dirt palace w/ Alison's Birthday Party :) Blue Shift, Sediment Club, Dave Public, Task Master & Cafe Intelligencia

Picked up this tape at a show AT's country band played, it's a scorcher from International Noise Conference Miami circa '07 (the dawn of cassette gods!!), the buddy's ship should be rolling with analogous O.G. merchandise! 
- Matt Robidoux