“absolute (0) embrace”
(Bicephalic Records)

In the day and age of a generation gone astray on wild concepts such as ‘Netflix and chill’, thankfully we still have some people who prefer ‘spooky dark ambient and j card photo of outer space’. This split tape between Faint Glow and Somnaphon will appease the later and cause the former to shit their pants…assuming they were still wearing them. 

Both acts give roughly 15 minutes of terse, unforgiving soundscapes a piece. On side A I found myself immersed in the vortex of Faint Glow’s “Inside A Red Storm” to the point where I could almost feel the wind hitting me. By the end of those tracks I was floored. Somnaphon didn’t let me off the hook after I flipped the tape over. The humming of an impending doom on “Wasp Star” had me looking over my shoulder. Sometimes split releases are plagued by one side that totally outclasses the other. I am happy to report that is not the case here. Now may the word “happy” never again be used to describe either of these acts. Check it out in the link below.

-- Roy Blumenfeld