INDEK “Ridge Dynamics: Live at VOV7”
(White Reeves Productions)

Like a puddle of liquid metal quivering beneath the impacts of geometric shapes on the 3D digital Tron landscape around it, Indek’s Ridge Dynamics ripples with harsh mechanical pongs and pings that would de-res you posthaste if you got within striking distance. I’m not kidding when I say the pixelated nasties are out for your blood – or code. You’re a light cycle race away from terminal binary disintegration when you listen to Indek, and no sentient computer program is going to save you.

That’s some heavy referencing where Indek is concerned, but it’s necessary to build that world when ingesting the music. If I didn’t do it for you, you’d do it yourself anyway. See? I’m helping you out, and you shouldn’t act so ungrateful. Anyway, Indek crafts experimental IDM that borders on footwork, and the electronic blueprint he uses to erect his glistening metallic musical architecture was likely lifted directly by cosmic space pirates from the masters themselves and reversed right back at them to topple their totalitarian regime. Look, everybody, I can’t stop doing it!

The cohesion throughout the tape is a direct result of it being a single live performance at the Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 7 event in Millstone, West Virginia. Ridge Dynamics is Indek’s entire set, and if it’s any indication, he killed it, subjecting his audience to a wide range of dance music that you can’t dance to in any way. Imagine a ball bearing dropped into a cement tunnel, and then imagine another ball bearing joining it. Then imagine two or three more ball bearings. Then imagine God causing their atoms to instantaneously lose all connection to one another before dropping them into his own, subatomic cement tunnel. That’s how Indek rolls.

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--Ryan Masteller