CRUZ SOMERS “Here Comes the Tarp” C20
(OJC Recordings)

Cruz Somers of Socialites sounds like Black Francis fronting a cross between the Ramones and Devo. Right? Cause eff yah that sounds like something I wanna do all the time. Or maybe “I Wanna Be Your Dog” run through a rock crusher might be a more apt description. Ah heck, I’ll go with the first one.

This is LA underground sheez whiz Repo Man style in abandoned buildings and parking lots, doing crimes and melting down in Cold War hysteria. There’s a thing as green as this tape in your trunk, and it flipping glows. These five songs (or six, depending on whether you consider “Your Future/Dog Dance” one song or two) are causing total panic at the discotheque, so hit the deck.

I’m almost certain a Trapper Keeper fight is going to break out in my vicinity. When it does, I’m ready. I have a yellow sport Walkman with this thing in it, and I’m ready to hit stuff with my binder emblazoned with pastel geometric shapes. Let’s rock this joint. Let’s remind everybody that this is how to channel your anger. Let’s jump up and down on industrial scrap. Let’s drink cheap beer and have fun.

Who cares anymore? Cruz Somers is kicking ass and taking names, wearing a turtleneck with the sleeves cut off at the shoulders. It probably looks awesome.

--Ryan Masteller