“Unfortunate Chronology Volume 2”
(Self Released)

For this piece I’ve decided to write a eulogy instead of a review.

Here lies Estrogen Highs. They were a band. A forward thinking punk band from Connecticut that liked to mix things up. Now they’re not a band anymore. Those who knew them will weep. They will feel a loss, as the following which was built was not accidental. Yet to the silent majority who had no idea they existed, life will continue on without knowing anything has changed. Funny how that works.

Very little was left behind to commemorate Estrogen Highs brief time on earth. Unfortunate Chronology Volume 2 is the sequel to the aptly named Unfortunate Chronology Volume 1. The two tape set is made up of outtakes, covers, live cuts, and oddities. Only 50 copies were made and they already have sold out. No digital uploads exist. Rumor has it Night People will be reissuing them at some point so look out for that.  

-- Roy Blumenfeld