+DOG+ “Creature Comforts” (Brise-Cul Records)

Looking for bios on noise artists is hard since many don’t care about the concept of a web presence. They know their audience will find them and that’s if they even care about being found at all. After a quick google search, I couldn’t find much background info on +DOG+. However, I did divulge that Brise-Cul Records, who put “Creature Comforts” out, are a label based out of Canada. That doesn’t give much context outside of the fact Brise-Cul is a noise label. If you like that sort of thing dig around their bandcamp.
Each side of the tape is one composition long. Side A’s “Food” would have been better if it were named “Robots Having an Orgy” to give listeners an idea of what they were in for. I’ve never been to a robot orgy or even heard one but thanks to my overactive imagination I think I have a good idea what it’d sound like. +DOG+ has created that perfectly.  Stream for yourself then consider buying from the link below:

-- Roy Blumenfeld