HOLY HILLS "s/t"C40 (Psi Lab)

The first side of the tape starts soft; it opens with elegant chimes and ambient sounds that illustrate the impression of building up to something great. This "build-up", it appeared, amounted to nothing. Many minutes into listening to the first side I considered the possibility that perhaps an ignorant father unintentionally placed his infant child in front of a soundboard, took the resulting sound, slapped it onto a tape and began advertising it as "music" to be listened to and somehow enjoyed. Almost half of the first side consisted solely of rhythmless plucking over static noise. It bewildered me that someone could make twenty minutes of this (it hurts me to say) instrumental garbage.

Was there some abstract, imperceivable meaning behind the painful sounds that is this album? Perhaps, but if the artist wishes for one to listen for it, he must make it much less unpleasant to listen to. It's one thing to label your album "experimental", it's another to throw together meaningless shit and call it "music".

I was almost afraid to listen to the other side.

Side B opened with a shockingly melodious tune. And then that tune is played repeatedly over twenty minutes of static.

If you're a fan of blank, static noise, this is the album for you.


-- M. Syed

well this was surely more fun for me to read than it was for him to write. your mileage may vary -- ed.