HMS “Prie” (Small Scale Music)

HMS are a four musician electronically infused free form experimental ensemble. “Prie” is the group’s third piece of output and is four tracks long. The initial listen of a piece of structureless improvisational music is a bit like playing Russian roulette; you either will get lucky or die and you won’t know which until you pull the trigger. As an unfortunate opposite to Russian roulette, my main gripe with “Prie” is that it was too safe. Lots of building from clearly talented musicians who never did much with it. It felt like a waste and the lack of preplanned form is what prevented them from capitalizing on creating big moments in my opinion.
With that being said, I don’t want to condemn the whole tape. Maybe they didn’t want to give me that big moment. Maybe I don’t deserve it and should focus on what I got instead. HMS have found a way to tranquilize as they improvise. This is good music to unwind to. So sit back and click the link below to stream or buy.

-- Roy Blumenfeld