DJ DINGO SUSI “Dingo” C41 (Fall Break Records)

two reviewers received this tape, so I'm going to post both of their reviews - ed.

All this talk of multiverses is making me thirsty, and nothing quenches the thirst better than a good craft beer, especially if it’s not 7:00 am, like it is now. When it’s 7:00 am, like it is now, nothing quenches that thirst better than a tall glass of ice water, and then I’m hydrated and ready to face what’s next.

Morning discussions of multiverses and beer and DJ Dingo Susi aren’t for the faint of heart, and my heart is 100% Grade A American blood-pumping beef, so I’m ready for anything. On my side of the dimensional rift we’ve had Ariel Pink (h/t to fellow CG-er Roy “Captain Wacky” Blumenfeld for the comparison!) doing his Ariel Pink thing for a while now, and I’ve never really immersed myself in his scene. Not that I have anything against Pink’s music (some of his worldviews, maybe a little bit more), I just sort of ignored it. There, I said it – I’ve ignored Ariel Pink for no good reason! You’re welcome world – commence your mockery.

If Ariel Pink is the Ariel Pink-y-est, then I’m just going to turn on this molecular dispersal machine (or whatever you want to call it) that I found under a tarp in crazy ol’ Doc Walter Bishop’s garage and see what it does. Hey, what do you know! I can move freely from this universe, where I’m as American as American gets, as you’ll recall, to one adjacent, where America is still America, land of the free, home of the brave! There are slight differences, like the blimps and weird bald dudes, but the big one is that there’s no Ariel Pink – weird, right? Instead, DJ Dingo Susi, aka Benjamin Wild, is a freak pop outsider star, caressing eggplants and spinning psychedelic pop masterpiece after psychedelic masterpiece. His debut album, just called Dingo, released in a limited edition on Fall Break Records, sells for thousands of Americred currency on uBay, and he’s beloved both at home and abroad in all eighty-seven American colonies.

Seriously, though, I thought I’d hate this tape because I don’t like the cover (or the name DJ Dingo Susi, really), but I really, really dig it. Roy thought I’d hate it too, but he was wrong! You can hear stuff like Deerhunter in here as well I guess (so says FBR). But I’m pretty sure Mr. Wild is just A-OK doing his own thing and ignoring comparisons like true gangster. Hey, I’d ignore me too!

You shouldn’t though. Ever.

--Ryan Masteller


Not sure what compelled seemingly ordinary Berlin resident Benjamin Wild to call himself DJ Dingo Susi but I’m sure he had a reason. I know bedroom pop is a genre, an oversaturated one if you ask me, but has anyone categorized bedroom psychedelic? If not then give Wild credit for it. This tape embodies the lo-fi goodness and the psych pop sensibilities that don’t fit any other genre.
I’d say he’s ready to hit with the big leagues and could use a studio upgrade for his next album though. Lo-fi production is good and warm but a proper recording session + mastering could work wonders here. Fans of the more recent Animal Collective contributions, Deerhunter, and Ariel Pink should close Pitchfork on their browsers and give “Dingo” a listen. Stream + buy below.

-- Roy Blumenfeld