NNN Cook “(Bl)end User” (Bezoar Formations)

This is our chance to take a swing at the franchise. At every graph point, switch the complexion, but not the expression. Connect the dots with a bee line and make the border move faster than the tourists. A gentle toggle is all it takes to broach the border’s wetter bylines. Install gutter bumpers to stall the high-speed cruisers hoping for a short hop across the bee line border. This will create a pathway to vaccination. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t ever forget that a costume may take on its owner’s characteristics. Last year, every little costume was hopping up and down yipping “Pick me! Pick me!” That is why this year, everything is pretty well nailed down and gagged.

The flexibility of the border enables us to bend the rules without getting caught. We are also free to choose whoever we want on our team. This is one way we can strengthen the franchise.

-- Rick Weaver