FATHER MURPHY “blue fifteen” (Blue Tapes) C30

The Italian group known as Father Murphy delivers such dense and rich sounds that I fail to find the words that accurately describe them. I will attempt to give my own assessment.

I am aware that part of this cassette is of the fabrication of a Cross. I am not certain, but I think that Calvary is the sole track, and it is repeated on both sides. There is a lot of documentation at that link that specifies the sounds and locations of recording, including a Czech Holy Friday Procession and a field recording in a Stockholm children’s park. Knowing or not knowing this is irrelevant when listening to the raw and unfiltered noises of humanity. Enough brutal truth is expressed without any explanation. I experience this piece as a mind-walk through several chambers of ambient information. The tedium of crude manual labor and questions of existence seem present. I’m feeling the effects. This was a repeat listen situation, and only because I wanted to pay my respects to those doing the hard work here. Maybe check in and see what I’m talking about.

blue tapes

--Adam Padavano