SAD HORSE "SH" C20 (Curly Cassettes)

The tape consists of six short songs, and I think it would be a good idea to examine each track as its own entity.

Still Thirsty - The vocalist in this track is definitely a unique one. Her style is reminiscent of Jack White’s style in The White Stripes’ album White Blood Cells. The almost scratchy voice that shouts and “woo”s at the listener incessantly should not compliment the mellifluous instrumental as well as it does. It’s a very happy song, and there isn’t a much better way to describe it. The substantial use of percussion (specifically the smashing and thrashing of cymbals) stood out strongly.

For Real Now - There’s a different, male vocalist in this track, and the lyrics are significantly more understandable than in the last track. The style of rock in this track is evocative of that of early 2000s boy bands, save for the generic lead singer and mediocre instrument use. It’s certainly as catchy as those mainstream hit singles, and the outstanding use of bass is certainly worth a compliment or two.

Can’t Remember - The first thing that came to mind when I heard this track was “The Strokes”. This song is precisely the kind of song one would expect on The Strokes’ album Angles. Fans of The Strokes (or rather, the style they’ve become) would appreciate this song greatly, and again the bass creates a most noteworthy sound.

So Far Away - This song differs from the rest of the tracks on the tape in that it’s performed and recorded live. It’s equally pleasant to listen to and it’s a nice change from the more powerful overtone that the previous tracks had created. It’s soft and establishes a very friendly atmosphere in the listener’s head. Not a bad track at all.

SH - Bass, bass, bass! I can’t tell you how much I love the bass in this album, especially in this track. It’s a purely instrumental track and the shortest on the album, but it definitely conveys the mood that the title of the track/album seeks to deliver (SH = Sad Horse). It doesn’t need vocals to sound any more perfect than it sounds.

(This Is What It’s Like) In Heaven - The (remarkably less talented) female vocalist is back for the last track on the album. If Phil Collins suffered from strep throat and had just stopped crying, this is what he would sound like. Sad Horse didn’t save the best for last, but every album has its lame-ass track. This was SH’s.

This is a more than decent album. This artist definitely deserves your support.
Overall, I give it a 7.5/10

-- M. Syed