ALEX WILEY COYOTE “II” C20 (Self-Released)

Alex Wiley Coyote (1/3rd of Wisconsonite psych/barn burners, the Wood Chickens) has breweed up some magic here by combining omni-chord preset beats & chords, commanding cow-punk bass lines, and acid-fried guitar riffage, all to make a lo-fi bard/bedroom brawl of a tape. 

Throughout, playful, disembodied inside-joke soundbites are woven into dreamy, fleeting videogame vignettes, from-the-stage diatribes are delivered with manic street-preacher eyes (listen to “I'm gonna kill you” loudly, in public, to elicit notable dis-ease amongst the locals), and spacey/spicy ‘lectric guitar solos abound in this 20 minute goof/shred sesh that slightly hearkens back to the hey-days of Reggie and the Full Effect. Which is to say, catchy, irreverent, slick, and F-U-N!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan