NO DEADS “No Deads” C50 (Self-Released)

Austin, TX’s cosmic-ambient improv trio, No Deads, bear a slight “Ballasted Orchestra” vibe here, sounding like maybe an alien carrying out one SERIOUS tête-a-tête with a long, tightly-wound spring in an abandoned warehouse in slow-motion…but there’s definitely a more tribal percussive presence -and an ancient, haunting groanage- that finely separates them from being a SOTL cover band. At once both easy-going and anxious, ND offer up innumerable scaffolds for interstellar-themed daydreaming and pleasantly agitated leisure-reading, which isn’t an easy task (and I mean this in the most positive way) for any group!

RIYL: early Stars of the Lid, the spaciest Acid Mothers Temple jams, Thunder Tubes*, uneasy drones, & the haunting moans of all damned souls finding their collective peace

-- Jacob An Kittenplan

*not included