GEO RIP “U-Udios Two” (U-Udios)

For U-Udios’s second release, the label didn’t have to look much farther beyond their first release – by Protect-U – to find a worthy successor. Indeed, Protect-U’s (and U-Udios’s) Aaron Leitko and Mike Petillo join Dope Body/Nerftoss’s John Jones as Geo Rip, a sewer-surfing threesome catching shit waves of mangled electronics and vertigo-inducing rhythms. These disco scuzz rats will most undoubtedly get your rump shaking, albeit right after dosing your beer with LSD.

It’s hard not to nod your head along to Geo Rip’s “mulched samples,” as the whole thing was captured live as manipulated, so everybody was in the same room getting into the same groove. Huffing the same fumes. Getting heady at all times. “U-Udios Two” matches that carefree headspace, that loose vibe where mental relaxation meets improvisational gymnastics, resulting in a wriggling, slurping, slime-coated manifesto of cartoon booty-moving. Each note and programmed hit feels like a fudge-smeared dueling-glove slap to the face, and your only recourse is to swerve your scooter into a ditch and emerge ready for a dance-off.

That’s the Geo Rip way.

But let’s be clear: fun is guaranteed, and a good attitude is a prerequisite. You’re just going to be rolling around in the slop for a while, the ooze, the nastiness – which is just how Geo Rip wants it. You’re just joining them down there anyway.