REVENGE TECHNICIAN “Problem Addict” C60 (Head Destroyer)

The self-styled purveyor of “TN trash electronics,” Johnson City–based Revenge Technician is a full-on #aesthetic waiting to happen. Not only does Revenge Technician salvage guttural noise from scrapyards, he also organizes that noise into strangely euphonic sheets of gothic menace, which counts as “euphonic” when you’ve decided you’ve had enough of HNW. Look, you try listening to “Negative Cutter” with beautiful guest vocals by Emm Organ without thinking it’s a breath of fresh air after the claustrophobic (and thrilling) “Cold Slither.” Once you do that, then we’ll talk about what’s euphonic and whatever it is you’re trying to argue with me about.

Revenge Technician has eschewed the noise and gone off the weird end, to electrifying results. With a J-card that looks like an old hardcore zine, and a zine that also looks like an old hardcore zine, “Problem Addict” has the DIY look and feel down perfectly. The visual art itself is a collage-based amalgamation you’d find in any local punk scene, but it’s done with a verve and panache that suggests deep intentionality as you page through it. It’s a really nice touch.

But you’re not here to listen to me blather on about visual art, am I right? That’s great, because you should just dive right in to “Problem Addict” – it’s a headrush from start to finish. It’s like industrial music slowed to a crawl, peppered with samples and voices, distorted to within an inch of its gritty life. If you imagine it’s emanating from the center of an atomic blast, melting circuits and wires and knobs and other metal components as it plays, you wouldn’t be far off from the sound of it. Its nuclear fallout captured on recording gear; it’s radioactive decay as a sound source.

And yet I feel moments of genuine delight as I listen.