“Regarding the Music of Others” C20
(Patient Sounds)

Chicago’s badazz Patient Sounds imprint has done a serious solid for all the stale hawnkeetawnk watering holes out there, re-birthing SHANK TRILLIAMS! 

This 20 minute sound collage finds ol’ Hank Senior’s tone & mood dramatically unsmoothified, & outright angularized, his renowned, graceful swagger and slide-licks junkstapausingly glitchified and appropriated for some seriously beatitudinal blissing-outs! Sans vocals, this release will either prove (at low volume) a sleepy set up, or (at high volume) a str8 up dance-floor masher. 

“Regarding the Music of Others” is proof-in-le-pudding that electronic music can breathe new life into well-beaten paths!

— Jacob An Kittenplan