"Glasswerx" C60

Utilizing nothing but nuance-focused, expertly mic’d samples of glass objects*, including (but not limited to) pickle jars, 40oz beer bottles, stained glass, fish bowls & wine glasses, Mid-Air! & Elliott Sellers team up for a fresh blending of disparate genres that bridges the gap twixt all four corners of the Earth. Seamlessly island-hopping between raw, Javanese Gamelan tones, heavily obfuscated** sample-sequences (a la trip hop), microtonal free-jazz freak-outs, and warbly, gritty drone, “Glasswerx” breaks the glass ceiling of rhythmic limitations and acoustic expectations, dragging us over vertiginous peaks bowed by snowy crystalline clouds, weaving us through echoes of clink-rung valleys, dipping our ears under grinding waterfalls and along groaning glaciers, all this concerted friction intended to completely disorient and realign our sense of pace and space, time & time again. Great for tripping out on in deep headphone meditation! Keep this business up!


-- Jacob An Kittenplan

*as in, aside from like, mallets and bows and forks and breath and such, no other instruments were used but glass-based things.

**liner notes say there were no ‘effects' used, only whatever idiosyncrasies that came part & parcel with the mic set ups!