LATHER / DREKKA “Live: Concentration Club” C26 (Bob Heavens)

Lather, Drekka, how do you tell all these experimental artists apart? Luckily, Lather is Drekka and Drekka is Lather, but Drekka’s coming out in the end here, even though they’re sharing this release, and Drekka’s on the A-side. Don’t ask me how that works. Split personality? Maybe.

“Live: Concentration Club” captures Lather “from the first Concentration Club, Cat Head Press, Indianapolis, IN, 12 May 2017,” then flips it around with Drekka and the “final Concentration Club … etc. etc. … 15 JUN 2018,” with each side documenting a day in the life of Concentration Club (initial and final). Drekka plays the room, filling it with a creeping soundtrack of noise bursts and prepared implements, haunting listeners with the vibrations of periphery, the latent sonics that work into your nerves as you explore hidden spaces.

Lather’s all up in your face, though, with white hot drone and blistering accoutrements.

Implements used include: prepared Audion Interlude, plastic bags, heatsinks, metal bowl, Styrofoam, bow, screws, plastic object.