"Skyminds" C44

Skyminds is a hypnotic collaboration between Oakland stalwarts Selaroda (Michael Henning- Sanity Muffin/Inner Islands/Petit Mal) and Ashan (Sean Conrad- Inner Islands, Itinerant Home), both of whom are no stranger to releasing mesmerizing ambient/new-age soundscapes with a fresh, world-fusion tinge added, for extra zing.

Their debut eponymous album reveals itself like a book of short stories, all songs loosely related in their authorial voice, but each detailing a separate tranquil world to get lost in. Through cosmic synth swells, infinite organ drones, celestial chimes, pensive piano ploddings, saucy lap steel licks, Djembe pulses, quena riffage and more, Skyminds tells their timeless tales of inner cultivation and celestial beauty.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan