HARD JOB "Carvest" C34 (Already Dead)

Haha, are you kidding? I DEFINITELY did NOT read "Hard Job" at first. OK guys, you got me -- my mind's in the gutter.

Hey, "Scott Townsend is no stranger to Already Dead, formerly playing in both LAWSUIT$ and Video Daughters." He's probably the kind of guy who gets off making fools out of people like me -- hard-working, self-respecting lawyers and video collectors -- with grotesque wordplay and naughty, grimy music.

Whoa, that description actually makes SO MUCH SENSE when discussing "Carvest." Which is a great name for this tape. The cover's great too. This scuzzy, minimal rock tape would fit in quite nicely among the Sebadohs of the world, bands whose discographies mix a little lo-fi sludge with autobiography and searing emotional pain. Kind of like the searing emotional pain and distress I'm feeling right now as the butt of all these jokes.

Yeah, I said butt!

So hoist yourself up on poles in the snow and peer through the windshield of a battered auto while popping this little fella into that tape deck that you hope works. Also, hope the car starts, because it's a piece of crap and it's cold out. Gosh, this tape is totally for people like you. You're in major luck.