MID-AIR! AND ELLIOTT SELLERS “Glasswerx” C60 (100% Rare Cassette Tapes)

Nothing but glass. That’s right, the name of the game is “Glasswerx,” meaning Mid-Air! and Elliott Sellers imposed a bunch of rules on themselves and used nothing but the sound of glass being struck or rubbed or otherwise handled to craft this massive opus. Sometimes the sound of glass is sampled or processed, but NEVER at the expense of the original sound. What you may not expect is that “Glasswerx” is a fascinating wormhole zipping through psychedelic fantasies and over incomprehensible vistas, each one of the 45 tracks an exploration of timbre, tone, and rhythm. At times droning through headphones in a glistening ambient atmosphere, at others clinking and clacking like minimal IDM, “Glasswerx” is surprisingly diverse given the confines of the concept.

And it’s easy to get lost in. Mostly reverberating like your imagination of vast Antarctic ice sheets, “Glasswerx” mostly feels like a place, a great expanse of frigid landscape over which you can fly like bird for miles upon miles without seeing any other life or without much change to the terrain. It’s beautiful and huge, and it’s impossible to tear your attention from.