SCOTT THOROUGH “Bird” C37 (Specious)

Chill. In a word, “Bird" is C-H-I-L-L. Especially considering Scott Thorough is primarily a rap producer from Brooklyn. And now that you know that, it’s really easy to hear someone freestyling overtop of these downtempo beats, or waxing philosophical along with the handful of ambient vignettes, or a straight commanding of “Raised Hands" when that lone dub cut comes up. You can hear it, but you certainly don’t have to; the tracks hold up on their own, which is why they likely played such positive, supportive roles on whichever films they were composed for.

Bird. Chill. A cooing pigeon, mellowly nested between brownstone chimney-wall and ivy-clad buttress. Chill. B-I-R-D.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan