JEREMY FREEZE “Breaking the Skin” C32 (Manic Static)

Chicago’s Manic Static label puts out quality releases by creative, noisy garage-rock acts, but they also branch out a bit, especially when an artist puts out something exemplary; enter Jeremy Freeze’s “Breaking the Skin”.

RIYL: Alt/Country Troubadours:
Micah P. Hinson, Archer Prewitt, Dave Berman, Jim O’ Rourke (pop phases), Jay Farrar, & the up & ass-kicking Tucker Theodore!

&so, now; imagine a currently relevant super-group of the above alt-country/rock all-stars all playing a Traveling Wilburys-style set (III, not I!), but, instead of taking an ego-centric instrumental break between each chorus, they all (but here, actually only one single Jeremy Freeze) blend them into one muddy, blissful pool of contrapuntal tangly janglies. It’s pretty much un-complainable about…which is more than I can say about pretty much everything else, right? This tape is a 50mph purr from start to finish, and, depending on your expectation of Speed Limits, it’ll get you there Just Fine.

Also of note is the top-notch artwork, with shiny metallic sticker on the cassette shell and esoteric geometrixx on the J-Card.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan