“Soft Petrification” C60
(Tribe Tapes)

Tribe Tapes has paired two fairly disparate noise artists together for a fairly dynamic experience. For every droning, low-end-less pulse & crackle of Fâlx Çérêbri’s 35 year old live performance, Greathumour answers with a freshly brassy, bassy warble of overhwelming harsh noise bliss/blitz.  &for every sneaky, left-field juxtaposition up FÇ’s sleeve, Greathumour finds a way to temper their own manic hyper-statics into a (relative) lull. 

Not exactly fucking study music, “Soft Petrification” will keep the nervous system just fried enough to meditate lying down whilst not really risking the taking of any quick cat naps.

&again, great J-Card art!


—Jacob An Kittenplan