CHARDONNAY “Do You Have Maximum Intuition?” (Tape Dad)

Did you ever wonder what would’ve happened if John Reis fronted Drive Like Jehu instead of Rick Froberg? Well wonder no more! New Orleans musician Caspian (like the prince!) steers his Jehu-loving laser punk band through eleven airtight rockers till the stage they’re on is strewn with the detritus of all the equipment they’ve probably destroyed in the process. Sure, there are shades of Parquet Courts and any Bob Mould–related project, but doesn’t that just enhance the entire prospect? RIYL: Drive Like Jehu, Parquet Courts, Bob Mould … when’s the Rock Hall gonna call? Book a trip to Cleveland in the next fifteen years, Caspian!

Sure, that’s hyperbole, but there’s no reason to have a bad time when Do You Have Maximum Intuition? is within arm’s reach. Pogo, mosh, slam-dance, crowd-surf, other 1990s things – you will be participating in these activities and more when Chardonnay is on tour. Even now, in our self-isolated COVID reality, Chardonnay is only a Bandcamp purchase away – Caspian and Tape Dad will surely be happy to oblige you and ensure you’re properly entertained while the world slams to a halt around you. Enjoy!