NICK DOLEZAL “Christmas in the White House” (self-released)

It all depends on how much parody you can stomach. It also all depends on how much Donald Trump you want occupying your waking attention, even if it’s making fun of him and his cronies (see, on the latter, “Mike Pence Smells”). I can stomach a bit of parody, although by the time Christmas in the White House is over I’ve got a massive case of indigestion. I can stomach so much less of President Trump.

So while I chuckled at the concept and some of the jokes, the humor couldn’t sustain me throughout the whole thing. I became irritated and annoyed. I started sweating under my arms, dark semicircles spreading in pungent arcs. I started breaking out into greasy zits, and I hadn’t done that since high school. I started swearing at everyone at the car wash. I was forcibly removed, car still dirty.

Nick Dolezal is no stranger to pushing this kind of product, as he also records as Restaurnaut and runs Kerchow Records. On this tape, he sounds like Richard Cheese doing folk or rock. There’s definitely a place for all that, but the dosage for me better be freaking small. Still, “The Man with the Sack” manages to contain more than a single entendre, so there’s that.

--Newt Gingrich