“THTG” C30

You’ve seen the disclaimer, “No X was harmed in the making of this Y”, right? Said sentiment does not apply here. 

Puberty (the looping/musique concrète/further-looping/wall-of-sound-collage project; not the hormonal affliction) seeks to harm the very sanctity of pure tones henceforth by overshadowing any and all proffered tonal strains, by pluck or by swell, with a double-dose of ever-permutating rhythmic inflection, be those textures wrought via hyper-warble/glitch/tremolo/decay, or static-possession.

Via eyes-closed deep-listening, “THTG" is truly mesmerizing and otherwordly; peripherally, it almost plays like a disoriented, rebellious beat-tape that can’t find it’s own keys. Win-win here.

Not uplifting, but certainly high-minded, Flophouse puts out another great art-making/meditative tape to help one Get in the Flow of focus and/or escape.

—Jacob An Kittenplan