“Unmoved, Unspoken” C32
(SDM Records)

On “Unmoved, Unspoken”, Dean Leininger waxes solemnly cinematic back and forth between epic drones/drums and a shadowy new age aesthetic that isn’t afraid to pull a few noisy punches here & there, for maximum effect. Without spoiling the surprise, it’s worth noting that there’s an entire world’s worth of narrative jungle-gym buried within this intense warehouse, and one could hallucinate many a strife-riddled journey based on the contained classical movements, and a few of those battle-calls*, that make poignant appearances throughout this fast-paced half-hour saga. 

Uber-versatile, crank this puppy up for excitement, or bury it down low to drift off to, but be prepared to be thrown off a few times while getting accustomed to the flow!


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*one of my own interpretations