PRANA CRAFTER “3rd Ear Incantations” C30 (\\NULL|Z0NE//)

And with the release of 3rd Ear Incantations by Prana Crafter, \\NULL|Z0NE// becomes the North American hub of Hypnic Jerk Tapes. Well, maybe not really. But it is true that the stalwart Atlanta label has pillaged two of the acts appearing on the Aussie upstart’s initial tape run. To be clear, this isn’t a bad thing at all – all it means is that Michael Potter, \\NULL|Z0NE// honcho, knows winning tunes when he hears them, and he just wants to release some winning tunes. And with these winning tunes, in the end, everybody is a winner.

Prana Crafter is William Sol out of the great state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Using guitar and synthesizers, he crafts a far-out ambient adventure to the stars and beyond. It’s all awe and overwhelming size on side A, and the mysteries of the universe flit by in slow-mo, sometimes penetrating you and granting you the knowledge you desire. On side B, Sol bursts through a vortex and into one-man shred territory, a Floydian dystopian narrative that resolves in acoustic strums and more cosmic synth. With knowledge comes power, with power comes shredding, with shredding comes destruction, so rebuilding is a must. Trip back over to side A to return to that mindset. The shredding will come again, don’t worry. Circle of life.

See? We all win enlightenment.