“Ultrawarm Indices” C40
(Glowing Dagger)

On side A of W.O.E.’s “Ultrawarm Indices”, impressionist/glitchy industrial skitterings scurry to & fro to keep a loose pace below trebly atonal drone-swells, dial-up/faux fax-y bloops & digital banshee screechings, extraterrestrial transmissions & Sci-Fi flavored lasers. This sounds like a rooftop evening cozied up amongst a neglected network of over-taxed central cooling/heating systems, all textured hum and thrum, somehow peaceful in its relentless quaking…until UFO shenanigans ensue…

Side B swaps out the high pitch percussive element for an intentionally lurching, lumbering bass arpeggiator and a heroic delay pedal, yet still somehow manages to yield the same quality of herky-jerky meditative atmospherics. Pretty slick!

Half possessed-Kinkos-shop, half War of the Worlds, “Ultrawarm Indices” proves a spooky soundtrack for nervous meditations and agitated crafternooning flow. Damn good stuff!


—Jacob An Kittenplan